The Awesome Stuff

The Awesome Stuff™

What is the awesome stuff and why is the #1 Golden Rule of Money, Only Buy the Awesome Stuff?

The #1 thing that I keep hearing from parents when I talk about teaching kids about money is, “I want to teach my kids how to save”. That’s no surprise. We all know that saving is important. We all know that we should be savers and not spenders. But why are most of us saving? To buy more stuff.

We’re just saving for more stuff. That’s how we get stuck in the constant chase for more. And there’s no end to how much stuff is out there; or how much stuff we can buy.

So, we keep saving to buy more stuff…
and saving even more to buy even more stuff…
and on and on…
and it never ends.

How do we break that cycle?

By only buying the awesome stuff!!!

The stuff that’s really important to us. The stuff that we value the most. The stuff that doesn’t get forgotten and tossed in a corner to collect dust. The stuff that makes us smile every time we think about it. Your favourite things, memories, and experiences.

The awesome stuff.

So, the next time your about to buy something, pause for a moment…

… and then ask yourself is this the awesome stuff? Is this something that I will love as much as my very favourite things or experiences? Will this really bring me joy?

And it’s that pause.

That reflection on what’s most important to you…

… that will create the shift from always wanting more to really appreciating what you already have, and only adding things that will continue to bring you happiness.

It’s a simple rule; but a simple rule that contains the seeds of something much much bigger.

This one rule is the beginning towards truly living a rich life.

So, always remember,


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